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We thrive on making ModernPrint become the most trusted partner in China.

Hangzhou Modern Color Printing Co., Ltd. was established in 1995,
and it’s a joint-equity  enterprise  specialized  in  printing  and  packaging  paper  products,  including  the  books,  brochures,  catalogues,  booklets,  pamphlets,  gift boxes,  gift bags, greeting cards, etc.
Now, we have established a strong Apple computer design  group; CTP system; high-efficiency prepress technology support; Heidelberg 4-, 5-& 6-color offset  printers;  international  advanced  post-press equipment of Bobst automatic die-cutting machines, Heidelberg  paper folding machines, etc.

In 2010, we built the head quarter in Hangzhou, a beautiful travel city in
Up to now,  our factory area has exceeded 5,000 square meters. Our products include the high-cleanliness packaging products, which may contact food, drugs, medical consumables, microelectronic or chip products, cosmetic or living supplies directly or indirectly, etc;  regular printing
of product catalogues or posters, etc.
We pride ourselves in our fast, courteous, and professional business ethics.
By upholding the spirits of “client First, Good Faith Paramountcy”, we have established a fully-new  printing  business  mode  through  our continual innovations,  and we will render full support to building the well-known printer brand both home and abroad.

We have implemented strict 6S manufacturing system and ISO9001 quality assurance system. There are 12 QC inspectors and engineers, and all the products have to be 100% inspected before leaving the factory.
After ISO9001 quality certificate is issued, it should have at least 2 surveillance audits within 3 year period of validity. The certificate information is available on the official website of the National Certification and Accreditation Administration. It’s also available by scanning the two-dimensional code at the bottom right corner.
Color is the core for printing quality control, which is essential for the whole production management of any printing enterprise.
Our company has realized an effective automatic color control system, i.e. advanced Koda CTP system, which can transmit the files to printing machines directly. The traditional low-efficiency color control methods can’t adapt to the drastic competitive environment faced by modern printing enterprises. Our company has spent a lot of money and effort to realizing the color reproduction according to the characteristics and performance of printing machines, so as to keep the color consistency of prepress processing, plate-making, sampling and printing.
At ModernPrint, we dedicate ourselves to “green printing” practices by adopting environment-friendly ink and paper materials and ensuring our workshop air quality surpasses legal provisions.
We have passed FGS certification and awarded with FGS certificate.
The print quality at ModernPrint is always performed as per world-class standards. Each product is in the process logged from raw material to finished product, and undergoes stringent quality control review during every process. If you require any off-site review, we can take the photos of each production process to you.
SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. SGS is recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity.
We’re a SGS verified printing&packaging supplier, and it’s an honesty certification.

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Samples received and the FASHION book is very close to our final specifications. I will follow up with any changes in specifications. The quality of the books is VERY good.
David Mendelson, Billabong
Hi Peter, thanks for these, it’s looking great! I just wanted to check that you will be doing the recessewd panel on the cover, too. Send me a photo when that;s done, I’d love to see it.
Jamie Beenden, Vortigern Margate Ltd
Today I finally received the books here in my city. Very nice. Thank you for the additional copies, hopefully we will get more jobs to do. Thank you very much.
Obed Manson, Xtrym Consortium
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